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Original Nreal Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses with Massive 201" Micro-OLED Virtual Theater, Augmented Reality Glasses, Watch, Stream, and Game on PC/Android/iOS–Consoles & Cloud Gaming Compatible


Feature 1 :  projection screen is a 4 meters 130 inch screen, the AR space is a 6 meters 201 inch.It also supports the connection with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, handheld computers, game consoles and other devices. At the same time, Nreal also created a three-dimensional panoramic AR space for Nreal Air

Feature 2 High level definition of spatial retina,In terms of display effect, the resolution of the Nreal Air is 3840 * 1080, MTF>0.7, and PPD=49. At the same time, Nreal Air has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100000:1, a high color gamut of 108% sRGB, and an eye brightness of 400 nits

Feature 3 : Three gear adjustable glasses for the comfortable wearing experience,In the connection scheme, an Android mobile phone/tablet/Windows laptop/iPad/Mac equipped with Type-C interface and supporting DisplayPort output, as well as a Steam Deck or Windows game console directly connected to the Nreal Air, can achieve 130 inch super clear projection screen

Feature 4 : Immersive stereo dual speakers,Nreal Air brings three-dimensional panoramic AR space, equipped with a 201 inch sharp color sky screen, which can adjust the screen size, distance and position at will
Feature 5 : Myopic popula-tion Friendly,For people with myopia or astigmatusm,optical lens customization is supported, and the visual experience is more accurate and extreme.(Customized myopic refractive magnetic lenses require additional fees. For details, please click to contact me,All lenses have passed the inspection and have clear correction, scratch resistance and reduced reflector function)

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