xreal air 2 pro

Prezzo: 46.54 - 45.61

Xreal Air smart glasses AR glasses Myopia Lens Accessorie For Myopia People

Please note the correct eye information on the order when placing the order. The information is as follows:

For : myopia : 0 – 1000 degree , hyperopia : 0 – +600 degree , astigmatism : 0 -200 degree

OD : SPH : CYL : Axis: PD :

OS : SPH : CYL : Axis: PD :

Please leave us a message for glasses information:

Left Eye Lens Type (Astigmatism/Myopia):

Degree of left eye:

Whether the left eye has astigmatism:

Left eye astigmatism:

Left eye astigmatism axis:

Left eye interpupillary distance:

Right Eye Lens Type (Astigmatism/Myopia):

Right eye degree:

Whether the right eye has astigmatism:

Right eye astigmatism:

Right eye astigmatism axis:

Right eye interpupillary distance:

Slot lens is portable and easy to install

This product only includes the frame and lens. Other accessories in the detail page are schematic diagrams. Please purchase separately if necessary

Customized lens time: about 5-7 working days

Warranty period: 6 months. If you have any problems with the package, you can contact us at any time

How to maintain lenses and glasses?

1. Glasses should not be placed under high temperature for a long time

2. Avoid contact with corrosive articles such as cosmetics and hair gel, otherwise the lens may be deformed

3. Wipe the glasses with clean eyecloth to avoid lens wear and damage caused by hard objects

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