xreal air 2 pro

Prezzo: 680.62 - 558.11

The XReal Air 2 Pro electrochromic supports three speed adjustment:

One level ''home mode'', capable of operating in the 0-300lux lighting range, suitable for home environments with moderate and simple lighting conditions;

Second level ''travel mode'', suitable for the 0-1000lux illumination range, suitable for public places with high or complex lighting, such as offices, cafes, airplanes, cars, high-speed trains, etc;

Three level ''outdoor mode'', suitable for the 0-100000lux range, suitable for daytime outdoor environments with very high light intensity, and compatible with all lighting environments.

It is reported that the XReal Air 2 Pro has controlled the thickness of the electrochromic film to within 1mm, adjusted the response time to be less than 100ms, and adjusted it instantly to change color,

making the application of electrochromic technology in AR devices reach a highly mature level.

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