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XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses with Massive 201" Micro-OLED Virtual Theater, Augmented Reality Glasses, Watch, Stream, and Game on PC/Android/iOS–Consoles & Cloud Gaming Compatible

Note: NREAL Air brand name factory is changed to XREAL Air, which also belongs to NREAL Air original products

About this item

  • WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST AR EXPERIENCE: Join 100,000+ fans around the world! Powered by proprietary optic and computer vision technologies, XREAL Air brings three different levels of AR experience – Air Casting, Virtual Desktop and AR Space, depending on the compatibility of the connected device.

  • BIGGER DISPLAY FOR BIGGER FUN: Enjoy the beautiful 130" spatial display in Air Casting mode that amplifies your mobile, PC and gaming experience. No more neck pains. Watch a movie or play a game while lying in bed or on a pool chair. The fun is yours to choose. (Please check the compatibility info and accessory requirement below)

  • VIRTUAL DESKTOP ANYWHERE: Finally you can have the biggest monitor with the smallest laptop whether working from home or on a plane. The Virtual Desktop mode can turn your laptop into a multi-screen workstation with up to three adjustable virtual screens. Though still in beta, it offers a PC experience never seen before. (Currently available on MacBook models from 2019 and later withM1/M2/Intel chipsets, but coming to Windows soon.)

  • INNOVATIVE AR SPACE: With select Android phones and XREAL's Nebula app, you can get your first taste of spatial Internet. You will be able to browse the web on a 201" virtual screen, play 3D games, walk around in 3D models of real world places and experience some interesting AR apps brought to you by third party developers. We are just starting to scratch the surface of what AR can do. While still primitive, it's quite fun and refreshing. (Please check compatibility info below)

  • BALANCE OF TECH & COMFORT: XREAL Air packs cutting-edge technologies within an ultra-lightweight (around 79g) sunglasses-style frame that’ll fit right in your pocket. Its Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Eye Comfort display is certified by TÜV Rheinland Group, marking it the first in the AR/VR field. You may also order prescription lenses from XREAL's official partners.


1. XREAL Air X1

2. Storage Box X1

3. Nose pads X1

4. Hood X1

5. Myopia frame X1

6. USB-C data cable X1

7. Glasses cloth X1

Nreal Air Three-degree panoramic AR space, not only the huge curtain, AR glasses for light for light opening space,

huge screen, trendy life.

201'' sharp sky screen, 130'' space projection screen, 60'' TV, 12'' Tablet PC, 6.5''Mobile phone. Great and playable sharp color
canopy. In the projection mode, the equivalent distance of 4 meters is 130 inches. In the AR space, the equivalent distance of
6 meters is 201inches.
Spatial retina level display Sharp  color picture quality is on the screen: OLED true color, 108%sRGB, 3840*1080 double
optical path 1080P HD display, 49PPD, >0.7MTF, 400nits eye bright-ness, 46FOV, 60HZ refresh rate, 100000:1 contrast
Nreal air authoritative certification, can stan the contrast definition. Certified by saixi laboratory of China institute of
electronic technology standardization, the above are the comparison of the display effects of projectors, VR and
Nreal Air in professional environment.
Germany Rhine three authoritative certifications, eye protection with fatigue, AR glasses with TUV Rhine low blue light
no strobe, and eye comfort certification. Self-developed optical engine 2.0,  stable and clearer vison
Screen projection mode 130-inches portable momile giant screen. Connect to mobile phones/tablets/laptops that support
DP display ports through USB-C Nreal Air+mobile phone/tablet personal mobile cinema
AR space 201-inch space entertainment new experience, enjoy hundreds of 3D films. The world's top events space vision
is as near as the scene. World cup, olympic games, UFC, five major european leagues, snooker, CBA and other massive
events live broadcast
Hundreds of cloud games can be played, multi-screen office efficient and lightweight, panoramic ride global
classic route. Bicycle application+spinning bicycle, you can choose from many classic cycling routes around
the world, while exercising and traveling around the world
Pioneer minimalism aesthetic design(won the iF design award design award), total 79 gram

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