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Product model: S136

Product features: GPS positioning brushless motor, electric adjustment camera, obstacle avoidance function

Product size:
Expansion size: 30*27*7.5CM

Folding size: 12*9*7.5CM

Product color: White

Reception frequency: 5G wifi signal

Receiving channel: 4 channel 6 axis gyroscope

Product material: plastic metal electronic components

Mode of operation: remote control, mobile APP

Package size: 24*19*7.5CM

Battery capacity: 3.7V 2000mah

Charging time: 60-80 minutes

Usage time: 18 minutes

Remote control distance: 1000 meters

Body battery: 3.7V 2000mAh

Remote control battery: 3.7V 400mAh

Image return distance: 500 meters

Lens Angle: Remote control adjustment 90°

Definition: 4K


1.With GPS positioning,the drone can be one-key return, low power and out of control automatic return.Dual camere version with optical flow mode

and obstacle avoidance function

2.Up/down, forward/backward, left/right turn, left/right flying, all directions can be fine-tuned, stable and easy to operate

3.WIFI functions: take photos, video and real-time transmission, emergency stop, trajectory flight, one-key surround, intelligent follow, add music,

screen rotation, display the drone position

4.Built-in HD dual 4K camera, front camera lens can be adjusted through the remote control 90° to view more comprehensive

5.Speed can be free switch, the drone can adjustable headless mode function

6.With rechargeable controller and the drone body with 6pcs LED night lights

7.Folding arm and blade to be smaller volume, easy to carry out


UAV *1 Remote control *1 battery *1 USB cable *1 screwdriver *1 blade *8 Instruction manual *2


Brushless Master

Drone Function

1.HD aerial camera
2.Brushless power
3.360° obstacle avoidance
4.GPS satellite positioning
5.Optical flow positioning
6.Fold the fuselage

360° intelligent obstacle avoidance

With multi-directional environmental infrared perception ability, can perceive the distance of obstacles, when encountered obstacles will avoid, so that you control more easily.

Strong and stable brushless system

Stable flight and good wind resistance

Folding design

Convenient folding, smaller and lighter, hassle free and easy to carry.

Storage bag

Hd adjustable dual camera

High definition photo sensitive imaging effect It can be adjusted 90 and record aerial pictures from multiple angles

Electrically modulated biphoto

Remote control/view switching

90° Remote control
50 times Zoom

GPS positioning Multifunctional return

Positioning flight position at all times, escort flight

LED brilliant light

The brightest star in the night sky

Optical flow positioning hover

Optical flow positioning effectively keeps the aircraft stable in flight!


Product parameter

Name: S136 GPS brushless obstacle avoidance drone

Folding: 12x9x7.5cm
Expand: 30x27x7.5cm


Endurance About 20 minutes

RC distance: 5G Wifi signal (about 1000m)

Control mode:Handle or mobile phone remote control

Use battery:Body battery:3.7V 2000mAh; RC battery: built-in rechargeable battery

Flight performance:GPS positioning, brushless motor, low power/out of control/ over distance Return, one button return, dimming camera, 360° obstacle avoidance,Optical flow positioning, high-definition dual camera, headless mode, emergency stop, Multi speed, one button up/down, gesture photography,waypoint Flight, intelligent follow, surround shooting, bright LED light


Remote control guide

5G long-distance signal, humanized design

Photographing/ video recording Headless mode
Speed switch Camera adjustment
One click return Geomagnetic calibration Gyroscope calibration
GPS switch Steering rod
Throttle lever
Power switch One button unlocking

List of accessories

Ready to fly


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