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Description: Aerial photography drone

System: obstacle avoidance/optical flow/height fixed

Battery life: about 10 minutes

Battery capacity: 3.7V 1800mAh

Folded size: 19X12.5X 7.5cm

Expanded size: 40X 40X 7.5cm

Remote control/image transmission distance: 100M

Camera parameters: 4K/6K



Three-sided intelligent obstacle avoidance, say goodbye to ''exploding aircraft'' from now on, can intelligently detect obstacles within about 1.5 meters of the drone, and automatically avoid obstacles to avoid damage to the drone.

8K high-quality imaging, dual-lens switchable viewing angle, high-definition lens, dual-lens switchable, built-in beauty camera, and packing and taking pictures, everything is available.

5G real-time image transmission, stop to watch the beautiful scenery from kilometers away, 100 meters flight distance, 5G real-time high-definition image return, and overlook the different beauty of the earth from the perspective of God.

From now on, it is easy to fly, stabilize fixed-point hovering, and realize hovering in the air through the bottom visual positioning lens. The novice can get started quickly, and flying has never been so easy.

Modular battery design, easy to replace with long battery life, 1800mAh large-capacity modular battery, long battery life and replacement, the battery is more convenient and more user-friendly.

Portable and foldable body, light and easy to carry, the folded body is more convenient to put into large bags and small bags, and does not occupy the limited luggage space when traveling.

The tough protective frame is more secure against collision and fall. With four wing protective frames, the protection is more comprehensive and makes your flight more worry-free.

A lot of skills without overpowering, rolling & flight route blessing, a variety of cool skills, 360 tumbling and flight route drawing, more functions, waiting for you to explore.

Package Included:

1*Drone(Pls make sure the camera is 4k or 6k when you place order )

1*remote control

4*Blade protection bracket

4*spare propellers

1*USB cable


1*English manual

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