xreal air 2

Prezzo: 56.17 - 44.16

Prescription Explanation
* SPH stands for Sphere, which indicates”-“/myopia (nearsightedness) and “+” hyperopia (farsightedness) . CYL stands for Cylinder and AXS stands for Axis. For people with astigmatism, both CYL and AXS data should be provided.

Customized Prescription Lenses
*  If your eyes are only a fixed degree of myopia and have no other requirements, Please provide the corresponding degrees and PD.

OD or R  SPH: ______ , OS or L : _______ , PD: ______.mm

*  If your eyes have (Cylinder/Cilindro),
*  Or the two eyes have different degrees
*  Or you are senile myopia (+1.0~+6.0)
*  Or you need to add Anti Blue function to myopia lenses
You’ll need to provide a copy of a valid prescription from your doctor’s office.

OD or R  SPH:____ CYL:___ AXS:___ PD:___mm
OS or L  SPH:____ CYL:___ AXS:___ PD:___mm

*  Myopia degree monocular(Sphere): 0 ~ -800 degrees
*  Hyperopia degree monocular(Sphere):0 ~ +600 degrees
*  Astigmatism degree monocular(Cylinder):0 ~ 400 degrees
*  If you exceed this luminosity range, you need to make up the difference. For more information, please contact customer service.

Anti-blue Anti-glare customized description
1. This product has dual protection functions of anti-blue light and anti-glare.

2. If the prescription SPH exceeds myopia -8.00D or CYL exceeds -2.00D and hyperopia (+), please contact our customer service to make up the difference! (Note:Customization takes 5-7 business days)

Prescription Lenses Features
* Aspherical lens: The optical lens adopts aspherical design, which is impact-resistant, thinner and flatter. It corrects the image and solves the problem of field of view distortion. Look at the Nreal Air AR smart glasses  creen real, not easy to deform, more realistic!

* Anti-blue light filter: Can prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and radiation, and can filter blue light. It is suitable for immersing in the Nreal Air AR smart glassesworld for a long time without feeling tired.

* Anti-glare filter: The lenses feature an anti-reflective coating to help minimize glare so you can focus on the breathtaking details of every Nreal Air AR smart glasses experience.

Q: Can I use the Lens Inserts in any Nreal Air device?
A: Lens Inserts for Nreal Air 1 and Air 2 are interchangeable across these two devices only.

Q: What is included in my order?
A: You will receive in the frame holder and prescription lenses, a storage bag and a cleaning cloth.
(AR glasses not included)

Q: How long will it take?
A: Upon receiving your order, we will confirm your prescription and begin processing, which takes 1to 5 business days.

How to maintain lenses and glasses?
1. Glasses should not be placed under high temperature for a long time.

2. Avoid contact with corrosive articles such as cosmetics and hair gel, otherwise the lens may be deformed.

3. Wipe the glasses with clean eyecloth to avoid lens wear and damage caused by hard objects.

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