drone 4k professionale

Prezzo: 40.33 - 49.28

&Nbsp; product item No


&Nbsp; remote distance

  120 meters.

&Nbsp; product color


&Nbsp; product size (CM)


&Nbsp; body battery

 3.7V 2000mAh

  foam color box size (CM)


&Nbsp; remote control battery

&3 sections 1.5V AAA (to be purchased separately)

&Nbsp; full box weight


&Nbsp; charging mode


&Nbsp; storage bag size (CM)


&Nbsp; charging time

&Nbsp; 120 minutes

&Nbsp; package weight


&Nbsp; fly time

&Nbsp; 20 minutes

Special function

Dual camera switch, 50x zoom lens

4K dual camera switchable, real-time 50x zoom lens

Gesture photography / video recording, mv music video production, beauty filter function

Note: remote control battery and mobile phone Self provided

  4K pixels, 50x zoom  
  Palm HD folding, amazing anticipation  

  Lightweight fuselage design  

  Stable hovering with constant altitude, effectively improving fly stability and safety  

  Redesigned smart remote control handle  

  Download the official app and connect to the drone through the free wifi 
  Easy to shoot, movie like picture  

  "4K dual camera switch at will"  

  "Head up, top down, free to switch shooting"  

  "50x Real Time zoom adjustment"  

  There are many kinds of filters and beauty functions in app  

  "MV online production and sharing"  
  "Automatic recognition and photo taking, more intelligent"  

  HDTV transmission    ovice fly.

   Intelligent and user-friendly one button fly has greater

  During travel, turn on headless mode, and immediately take the center and direction of the remote control as the reference  

  "Gravity sensing, deep fly experience"  

 During the fly, the UAV can return automatically with one key by remote control 

The UAV battery adopts modular design, which is easy to install and take, with a endurance of up to 20 minutes  

  Spare parts list  

  Remote control guide  

  Configure storage package  

  Convenient folding, easy to carry  


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