drone 8k

Prezzo: 6.75 - 31.36

Package data:

-Package size: 26*17*9cm

-Material: storage bag


Drone * 1

remote control * 1

Obstacle avoidance device*1

Fan blade*4

USB cable*1


Instruction Manual*2

product data:

-Product description: aerial photography folding drone

-Color: Black Grey

-Drone size:

Folded: 14x8x8cm

Open: 20x16x8cm

Material: plastic metal electronic components

-Receiving frequency: 5G

-Appearance: folding drone

-Age of use: 14+

Battery motor parameters:

-Appearance: folding drone

Remote control mode: left hand throttle (right hand direction)

Speed level: multi-speed adjustment

Remote control battery: AAA*3 need to be purchased separately

Camera data:

Resolution: 4K/8k/6K

Angle: electric adjustment: 540°

Transmission signal: WiFi transmission

1. The front lens is placed with wide-angle 8K high-definition WIFI, and the optical flow high-definition lens at the bottom can switch the camera angle. The servo gimbal design increases stability, adding EIS electronic anti-shake, the picture lines are clearer.

2. Altitude-fixing function It has the function of altitude-fixing mode, optical flow positioning and fixed-point function, and the flight is stable.

3. Customize the route. You can draw the picture you want to fly on the APP.

4. APP mobile phone control, one-key return, headless mode, up and down, forward and backward, left and right side flight.

5. Gesture camera, optical flow positioning, brushless motor, super long battery life, obstacle avoidance gimbal components, no collision to stop when encountering obstacles.

6. Brushless motor provides stronger power and longer service life

7. 5GHz anti-interference technology, six-axis gyroscope, more stable flight, more convenient control.

8. 360° all-round obstacle avoidance, not afraid of crashing.

9. The product is light in size and weight, which can avoid aviation control.

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