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KY912 Mini Drone Professional 4K HD Camera Air Pressure Fixed Height Four-sided Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter RC Toys

Product parameters
name : 4K Mini Drone
color: black/white
Folded size : 8x6x5cm
Expand Size : 14.5×14.5x5cm (including guard)
flight system: Smart Hover System
lens : 4K front + 1080p bottom
battery life : about 12 minutes
Signal : 2.4G high frequency
distance : about 150 meters
Remote control battery : AAA battery*4 (Not include)
Body battery : 800mAh lithium battery

Kind tips : This data is for manufacturers skilled professionals in lightconditions Sufficient, no wind, no interference, measured inan outdoor open space, Specific data may vary based onactual operating conditions, The above data may not bereached, the data is for reference only.

Obstacle avoidance
4K dual camera & Four-way obstacle avoidance & Intelligent hover
Easy to carry, smaller and lighter
A novice entry-level aerial photography small artifact.

This time,full performance!
The pursuit of quality Yan control school

12 powerful features to experience
  • 4K HD dual camera

  • Four-way intelligent obstacle avoidance

  • Intelligent fixed height hover

  • Gesture to take a photo

  • HD image transmission

  • Mobile phone contro

  • Beauty filter

  • One key take off/descent

  • 360°tumbling

  • Trajectory flight

  • 50x zoom

  • Headless mode

Aesthetics and Technology Wonderful collision
Hardcover asana folding design, sharp
The line performance is full of force

Integrated storage
Humanized design

The clever remote control storage design makes it Not only the remote control, but also the storage box.

4K aerial photographymaster
Obstacle avoidance.
insight into the Quartet

With high-definition shooting system, and intelligent The obstacle avoidance flight system is easy tocontrol and shoot

Four-way intelligent
obstacle avoidance

full of security
Intelligently detect obstacles in front, back.left and right, And automatically avoid,guard the flight

4K HD camera Focus
on the best moments

4K is 4 times the pixels of 1080p, the
picture quality Clearer, more delicate, and wonderfully restored

Wifi image transmission
HD without delay

In situ, you can use your mobile phone to You can view the aerial footage in real time

Beauty + Filter More
Beautiful. More moving

There are a variety of filters added in the appand support Beauty shots, make the picturemore moving

50x zoom Not afraid of high altitude prospects
Zoom and zoom shooting can be achieved throughthe app, Let you see farther and clearer.

Hover at fixed height Beginners "Get Startedin Seconds"
During the flight, keep the altitude hovering atall times, Easy to control indoors or out.

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