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KF101MAX-S 4K GPS Drone With Wifi FPV 4K HD Camera 3-axis anti-shake Gimbal 3KM/5KM Distance 300m/500m Height Brushless Quadcopter GPS Drone KF101MAX S


The use of anti-shake EIS electronic stability and shock
absorber and three-axis mechanical head support, with
digital image transmission of 3km real-time image
transmission and remote control of the electric tuner and
GPS positioning system, 4K film-level image system,
enough to make your creation at will.

Digital graphic transmission

Upgrade the digital graphics transmission system, enough to allow you to enjoy the flight, real-time transmission picture is smooth and clear, so that you can enjoy the distant scenery anytime and anywhere.

Data cable connection, digital picture transmission faster and higher definition

Three- axis mechanical stabilization gimbal+EIS electronic image stabilization

The camera automatically keeps steady at all times

Horizontal 40°
65° lateral
Vertical 120°


The lens has a built-in EIS
electronic anti-shake system,
which can effectively eliminate
the shaking caused by flying and
make the aerial photography
more clear.

4K pixels + three- axis mechanical gimbal

The three motors on the gimbal are responsible for the rotation of the front and back, left and right, and up and down directions,so that the camera can be kept stable at any time and the shooting picture is clearer.
3-axis self-

Reject blur, more stable and clea rer

Keep balance in real time, more stable and better
EIS+ three- axis mechanical
stabilization gimbal shooting
Keep balance in real time,
clear and outstanding
Ordinary anti-shake
gimbal shooting
Strong, shaking,
blurry aerial photography

90° control

Support remote control
camera, 90° wide range
shooting, free to capture a
wider field of view, so that
aerial photography is no
longer limited.
120° super wide angle
Wide-angle shooting, panoramic view

GPS smart return Escorting the flight

No matter how far the plane flies, just click a button to return to
home, it will automatically fly back to you. If the battery is too low,
or the signal is lost, it will return home by itself, making the flight
more secure. Novices can easily control it.
Low battery return
Return over distance
Return home with one key

GPS system positioning Flying as steady as Mount Tai

The new generation of flight system, using GPS positioning system,
allows you to easily and stably fly wherever you are, flying better
and taking better pictures.
Outdoor/GPS positioning
Satellite positioning to maintain altitude

Rechargeable anti-interference remote control

The remote control is customized for traversing flight applications,
without the need for complicated equipment debugging.
The large. capacity battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life,
making the flight more enjoyable.

Smart follow

Others walk the dog and you take the drone, it's so cool!

Real-time online MV production

A variety of filters and special effects videos are even more stunning!

Discover more exciting

Smart follow
Where to go, where to follow
360° surround
Easily shoot big scenes

Fixed-point flight Click where you want to fly

Fixed-point flight
Click where you want to fly
One-click return
No need for tedious operation

APP interface analysis

Remote control ana lysis

Remote control status display

The multi-function remote controller has a display to synchronize the status of the drone in real time. More data brings a more professional experience.

Size display

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