drone 8k

Prezzo: 13.14 - 31.55

Product Data:

-Color: Black/Grey

Remote control mode: left throttle (right direction)

Camera data:

Resolution: 8k

Transmission signal: WiFi transmission

Main material: ABS

Product Specification: Folding: 8 * 14 * 14cm/Unfolding: 24 * 24 * 14cm

Product color: Carbon fiber color/black

Whole product weight (including storage box and color box): 521G

Airframe takeoff weight (including battery): 178G

Packaging specifications (length * width * height): 23 * 9 * 17cm

Product (aircraft) battery parameters: 3.7V-1800mAh carp battery

Remote control battery parameters: AAA * 3-6V alkaline battery (self provided)

Charging method: USB charging

Charging time: approximately 60 minutes

Flight time: approximately 12 minutes

Remote control distance: approximately 80-100 meters

Flight altitude: approximately 100 meters

Flight environment: indoor/outdoor

Product features:

Water bomb launch (single shot/continuous shot)+brushless motor+three shot (front shot/vertical shot/overhead shot) optical flow positioning electric lens 4k high-definition pixel storage type remote control pneumatic fixed height high-definition image transmission

Gravity induction trajectory pointing 2.4G signal stunt rollover

Speed switch, mobile phone control, one landing, one takeoff, one key landing

packing of products

Standard configuration: Water bomb (around 3000 particles)

Aircraft * 1, remote control * 1, mobile phone holder * 1, body battery

Spare blades * 4, protective frame * 4, USB charging cable * 1

Instructions * 1

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