drone 8k

Prezzo: 198.73 - 73.53

Main Features:

  1. Flagship amazing! Give you more possibilities,Has a number of flight performance, chic shape, unique, let you earn the eye.
  2. Headless mode:In headless mode, there is no need to identify the direction of flight, making it easier for beginners to fly.
  3. 3.7v2200 mah battery:Modular lithium battery design, easy to install long battery life, let you play attentively.
  4. One touch take-off/landing/return:Through the remote control can achieve one-click take-off and landing/return, without complicated control.
  5. 360° intelligent obstacle avoidance:With multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance perception ability, you can sense the distance of obstacle avoidance, and immediately stop flying when encountering obstacles, easier control, faster start.
  6. Folding type:Have a handle onEasy to fold, smaller and lighter, easy to carry.
  7. LED Double headlight:The stunning look of the "Time Jet"More temperamental double headlightsLook good! It really looks good.
  8. Optical flow hover:The optical flow hover effectively keeps the aircraft steady in flight! It plays an anti-shake role to prevent blurred aerial photography.
  9. GPS homing:Escort the flightRegardless of the strength of the signal, it can fly unimpeded, and it can achieve loss of control, low electricity, super distance, and one-click return.
  10. Brushless power:Equipped with 4 efficient brushless motors, support aerial photography, more stable than ordinary.
  11. 8K electric modulation:With better light and clarity, 8K is four times the size of 1080P HD pixels, which is more excellent.
  12. Three-lens:Optical flow lens on the bottomFree to switch perspectives to create more freely.
  13. Beauty + filter post in one goAfter the Camera, it will bring you a better photography experience.
  14. 1.2 km flight:600m HD image transmissionWatch the drone instantly on your phoneBring the wonderful scenery in the distance.
  15. Gesture photograph:Gesture, take picturesDuring the flight, you can take photos or video by pointing the corresponding gestures at the drone camera.
  16. 50x zoom:No fear of the vision, the freedom to The new generation of lens zoom technology, through the remote control can be 50 times zoom , easy to capture details.
  17. 360° circum flight:The 360° surround commonly used in movies makes wonderful films from different angles.
  18. Waypoint flight:Draw the flight path point you want on the APP map, and you can fly according to the drawn trajectory point.

Package List:

  1. 1 X RC Drone

  2. 1 X Remote Control

  3. 1 or 2 or 3 Built-In Battery(Optional)

  4. 1 X USB Cable

  5. Other parts*1set

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