xreal air 2

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for Oculus Quest 2 Fan Cooler Facial Interface Active Air Circulation Two-way Use Relieve Fogging for Oculus Quest 2 Accessories


All merchandise options do not include VR heatset and controller.

About this item:

Fogging solution:

Equipped with mini turbo fan and additional cooling channels at the top and bottom of the face interface, the excellent air duct design effectively improves air circulation efficiency, removes heat and humidity, and prevents internal heat buildup


The cooling fan material is made of skin-friendly and cool fabric, filled with sweat-absorbing sponge, breathable and opaque, the wind can blow into the face cover through the sponge to take away the accumulated heat. And the size is widened to better fit the facial contour, with a larger contact area, effectively reducing the pressure on the head, more softer and comfortable

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