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Faith Mini Cheng-mini

"Faith Mini'r is lighter than 249 grams, which is equivalent 1o the weight of an apple. It can take off without registration in some countries and regions; The size of the palm can be easily put into the pocket or backpack, and it can be caried out lighty without any hesitation.With the innowation and improvement of product technology. Faith Mini hardware capabilities and App functions may be changed.Please refer to the actual operation.

Smarter And Easier To Use

The intelligent 8 and easy-to-use shooing function is matched with the performance of high-definition images, which allows you to shoot freely with a bright and shining image.The image transmission system is far. stable and clear enough and the blessing of strong stability performance.

Nanoscale Resin Good Anti-fall Ability Faith Mini Cheng-Minin

The new streamlined fuselage design shows that it is fresh,steady but not lost in style,and full of scientific and technological temperament.Integrated with aerodynamic design,power,endurance and wind resistance are all more powerful.

This Time, Satisfy All Your Imagination Of Travel Aerial Photography

Exellent leligent Shooting function,light body less than 249G,4K Utra HD video,faith The Mini includes a powerful unmanned aerial vehicle. Helping you find the long-lost touch.Take the Faith Mini,measure the world step by step.And record the journey inch by inch.

4K Movie Level HD Image Quality Faith Mini Cheng Mini

Faith Mini is equipped with Sony image sensor, with amazing 8 million pixels of photosensitive ability and powerful 25 Mbps video shooting performance, which faithfully restores every scene that touches you.

Image Transmission Distance As Far As 3 Kilometers

The distance of image transmission is as far as 3 kilometers, the anti-interference ability is outstanding, and the picture is stable and smooth.

Powerful Performance

Brushless Motor.
Better torque performance

3-axis brushless and mechanical stabiliz ation,Whether it is fixed-point hovering or high-speed fight, the picture is always stable and smooth.

GPS + optical flow positioning Set the height and hover, wonderful

26- minute endurance and power are both hard strength

Oul-Of-Control Return,It'S Not Easy To Lose

Supports multiple shooting methods
Look at the world from different angles
1.Spiral mode
2.Skyscraping mode
3.Custom voyage point
4.Surround mode
5.Drifting mode
6.Hand-painted voyage point

Multiple Come In Handy Anytime And Anywhere Faith Mini Cheng-Mini

Faith Mini relies on its portable folding design and aiverse aetial photography funcions.No matter recording the good time of garheing relarives and friends,or shooting magnicent scenes of mountains and lakes, Fath Mini can cope with it feely.

Product Parameters

New App User Experience Upgrade

C fly Go APP can experience more flight modes of aircrafts, with real-time image transmission in-terface and video recording function,and can easily experience the fun of aerial photography.C flyGo App can also set aircraft parameters, upgrade firmware and calibrate the aircraft,so C fly Go App is an essential software for the use of changtianyou aircraft.

Brand Advantage

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