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Faith mini 2

Rush to the mountains and sea

Function Of Faith mini 2

※4K Video
※4x Digital zoom
※Enhanced FPV
※Flight time:33 min
※3-AXIS Micro Gimbal
※GPS+ Optical flow
※Intelligent shooting
※Automatic return
※Level:5 wind resistance

Lighter Than 249G, No Registration Required

Lighter than 249g,palm sized;In most countries and regions,takeoff is possible without registration;Lightweight and easy to carry,flying anytime and anywhere.

4K HD Image Quality

20 megapixel aerial camera capable of recording up to 4K/ 30fps videos,equipped with a three-axis mechanical stabilization system, ensures stable and smooth visuals whether hovering at fixed points or flying at high speeds.


Be profcient in everything and come in

4x Zoom, Fearless High- Altitude Perspective

The Cfly 2 APP allows for 4x free zoom shooting.Flexible switching between far and close shots,providing richer composition options


Optical flow positioning has more stable flight performance,allowing beginners to easily control the flight.When releasing the joystick,the aircraft can automatically hover,maintaining stability both indoors and outdoors at all times.


Aerial photographymagic, easy to

Automatic Return It'S Not Easy To Get Lost

Support low battery return and runaway return.If en-countering situations such as remote control interrup-tion,the aircraft will automatically returnto the way-point.

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