drone 4k professionale

Prezzo: 77.00 - 78.00

Main Feature:

  1. Multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance and intelligent enjoyment of "worry-free flight": With front, left, right, and three-directional infrared perception capabilities, it can perceive the distance of obstacles and avoid obstacles when encountering obstacles, allowing you to control easier and more simple.

  2. Cleverly foldable body: It is a scientific foldable appearance design, which makes it lighter and lighter, making it easier to travel hand in hand anytime, anywhere.

  3. 4K high-definition dual camera: clearer, more free viewfinder with better light perception and clarity, 4K is 4 times that of 1080P high-definition pixels, even better.

  4. Optical flow positioning and intelligent hovering: Optical flow positioning and intelligent hovering can effectively keep the aircraft stable in flight, play an anti-shake effect, and prevent blurry aerial photography.

  5. Turning on the beauty will add another layer of stunning to you! The post-shooting stage is done in one go, bringing you a better photography experience.

  6. Gesture photography: During the flight, aim at the drone's camera and make corresponding gestures to take pictures or videos.

  7. APP multi-function control: In-depth experience of gravity sensing through the mobile phone to instantly watch, the wonderful scenery in the distance brought by the drone.

  8. 360°Stunt tumbling: One-click 360° aerial stunts and cool aerial stunts, which can be achieved with just one key, allowing you to earn enough attention.

  9. Trajectory pointing: draw how you want to fly! Click on the desired flight trajectory on the app, and the drone will immediately follow the clicked waypoint to fly.

  10. One-key control: novices can easily control the simple control system, multiple one-key control experience, and easy to use with zero basics.

  11. One-key flying around: Take a splendid big scene, set your favorite target as a hot spot, and circle around the target to take a big scene.

  12. Modular battery: Super battery life of about 20 minutes. The drawer-type modular battery structure is designed to be easy to install and take, and the battery life is about 20 minutes.

  13. Headless mode: In headless mode, there is no need to distinguish the flying direction, making it easier for novices to fly

Package List:
  • 1* RC Drone

    • 1* Remote Control

    • Other parts 1Set

    • 1 or 2 or 3 Battery*1(It depends on your choice)

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